Healthcare Personnel & Staffing

At Dvanguard LTD, our commitment extends to both the esteemed NHS and private healthcare institutions. Our extensive network of clients and employers empowers us to offer an expansive array of healthcare job opportunities throughout the nation.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare industry, having the right professionals is crucial. At Dvanguard, our healthcare recruitment services focus on identifying top-tier candidates to join our team and deliver the highest standard of care. As a leading care agency, we collaborate with a wide range of care settings, including care homes, supported living services, mental health services, and community care. Our partnerships with high-quality and well-established healthcare organisations ensure they have the expertise needed to provide exceptional patient care. If you are seeking employment in the healthcare sector, contact DVanguard today to help you find the perfect role. Working for an agency like Dvanguard offers numerous benefits. You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the days you work and the locations you prefer, allowing for a work-life balance that suits your needs. Alternatively, Dvanguard can assist in finding you a permanent role. Simply let us know your preferences, and we will work diligently to match you with the best service.

We pride ourselves on assuming the responsibility of maintaining impeccable compliance standards. Our robust systems are meticulously designed to uphold the currency of essential elements such as training, NMC credentials, Occupational health records, DBS certificates, and various other prerequisites. This unwavering dedication ensures that we consistently deliver the utmost quality of service to both our dedicated healthcare professionals and esteemed clients.

Within the realm of healthcare, we collaborate closely with hospitals to facilitate the placement of highly qualified and skilled healthcare professionals, including Nurses, HCAs, Support Workers, and administrative and clerical staff. We also extend our reach to independent hospitals, effectively orchestrating the deployment of healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom. In our expansive database, you will find a diverse array of candidates, spanning all categories and specialties of Nurses and Care staff, available throughout the UK. Irrespective of the size of your hospital, we stand poised to supply dependable and capable personnel, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our commitment extends beyond mere staffing; we provide seamless support to hospitals, offering a stream of expert and specialist healthcare professionals. With Dvanguard LTD, you can trust in a consistently professional, reliable, and personable service. We are your unwavering partner in delivering excellence in healthcare staffing.

Advantages of working with Dvanguard for staffing:

  • Reliable 24*7 on-call service
  • We aim to cover 100% of client requirements; be it last minute or booked in advance
  • Fully compliant and well experienced local workforce
  • Rewards and incentive schemes for our workforce
  • Strict procedures to tackle unauthorized leave or absence
  • Rigorous selection criteria (from right to work to CRB, reference, work history, oral and written interview)
  • Training refreshed every year
  • Uniformed temps with proper ID cards
  • Temps fluent in English with good communication skills
  • Excellent management team with a vision to be the best in the business