Skills For Care CPD Standard Training

Because we set our standards high, we ensure that we provide our staff with all the essential training for them to be able to provide the best care. We have a team of highly qualified Trainers and Assessors from one of our trusted Training centre, which specialises in Health and Social care qualifications. Our Assessors and Trainers are very supportive to our staff during or even after their training courses.

At Dvanguard, we ensure that every staff member has Equal Opportunity in getting all the necessary training needed in their job role. Every staff member has to go through our thorough induction training programme, regardless of their past experience in the care sector. We also aim to continually develop our staff’s skills by putting them through to take higher courses like NVQ’s and regular refreshment training courses, to keep them up to date with current legislations in the Care sector.

We provide a wide range of training courses that are in line with the National Care Standards.

Our carers also undergo: